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Kalli, North Georgia

Kalli, North Georgia

I was eleven when I first took a trip to Haiti. I heard and saw things on the news about the 2010 earthquake,  how devastated it was there and how dangerous it was in some parts of the country. When I first got there, I was kind of scared and excited at the same time. As we were driving to the main school, I saw kids walking around with no clothes who were dirty and small houses made out of dirt. There were women carrying large buckets of water on their heads. Then we arrived at the school and all of the kids were so happy to see us. I got some shoes on and I was headed out of a small room to meet them all when I little girl just came up to me and held my hand. I could feel the love of these kids. Later when we were eating dinner in the Dominican Republic, a twelve year old Haitian boy was selling peanuts for ten pesos per pack. We gave him what food we had left, which was a lot, and talked. His dad was dead and he had brothers and sisters who all lived with his mom. That experience made me realize how much we take for granted. So many of these kids are happy as can be without any technology or big houses. People these days cry if their phone breaks, yet kids in Haiti don’t even get to eat some days. Since then, I appreciate so much more.

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